We offer highly competitive finance packages which are tailor made to each specific customer's circumstances.

Hollybrook works closely with a range of finance providers to ensure we can offer you an array of finance packages to suit your needs and the Best Deal for You.

You have the choice of hire purchase, personal contract purchase (PCP) and lease purchase.

Hollybrook can offer you an array of finance packages to suit your needs.

Financing a car can provide benefits for both Business and Private customers
  • Your initial capital outlay is reduced, allowing your funds to be retained in the business
  • The interest may be allowable against tax
  • Monthly payments can be fixed, so budgeting is easier

Written details are available on request. Please contact us for details of particular finance options.

Holybrook is here to help with your Finance Needs
  • Our experienced team can answer all your finance questions
  • We use a range of lenders to ensure you get the best deal
  • We offer PCP, HP or Contract Hire to suit your needs
  • Competitive rates on all finance options
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