We are always looking for well cared for, pristine examples of all Performance, Sports and Classic cars.

If you are interested in selling your cherished vehicle we are keen to hear from you.

Over the past number of years, we have successfully managed to help customers source their desired car, and even sell their own cherished sports cars.

We currently provide 2 Options to those who are seeking to sell their vehicle.

  • Outright purchase, keen prices will be offered, or
  • If we feel your car is suitable, we provide a professional sales service (Sale or return) which we have found offers the least trouble when selling your vehicle.

Listed below are a few of the benefits we can offer you when selling your vehicle, which takes all the pressure and stress out of the equation.

  • Your vehicle advertised on Hollybrook website and social media sites along with various other third party online car sales sites which will provide a wide coverage to the full UK & International markets.
  • Your car will be detailed and photographed by our team
  • All customer enquiries about your car are taken by a dedicated sales team.
  • The worry of meeting with strangers during your evenings and weekends, and the problems surrounding insurance and safety during a test drive are all looked after by our professional sales team, who will warmly welcome any prospective buyers who wish to view the car.
  • At Hollybrook, we provide full dealership facilities including; Door to door delivery; Warranty; Finance; Card payment; Cherished transfers; Part-exchange; After service care and the Clearing of any outstanding finance.
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