** £1,000 Cash Giveaway **

To the first Customer who decides to purchase either of these selected cars:

1. 2014 BMW M5 : £40,500
2. 2008 BMW V8 M3 : £21,500
3. 2005 BMW E46 M3 : £19,500

Offer ends 28th February 2017

Hollybrook Sports Cars exclusive offer to ANY prospective client.
Each month for a limited period; we will select 3 cars and the first customer to purchase one of the 3 selected cars will receive £1,000 on completion of sale.
The remaining 2 cars will be put back onto our stocklist to be selected at random in one the future £1,000 Giveaways


T.McG Co Antrim

Great Value for money, Great Customer Care, Friendly and Helpful Staff

Co Antrim 

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